Thursday, August 23, 2007

Top 10 Most Commonly Used Passwords

When my not-so-computer-savvy ex-girlfriend setup her new email address, it took me just a couple tries to figure it out. My first guess was my first name. Sadly, it wasn’t to be. My second guess was her first name. Bingo, I had access and I still do :)

The upcoming May 8 PC magazine will be featuring the top ten commonly used passwords. Here’s the list:

1. password
2. 123456
3. qwerty
4. abc123
5. letmein
6. monkey
7. myspace1
8. password1
9. blink182
10. (your first name)

I have seen people use some of these passwords and they are no surprise inclusions in this list. I am not sure if Blink 182 is popular enough to pull it off as a popular password. I would have probably placed my bet on eminem.

Via (Chicago Tribune.)

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