Saturday, November 3, 2007

JelloCar - fun and squishy Time Waster

JelloCar lets you drive jello like a pro
The best part about breaking your leg or your arm or your collar bone, aside from all the fringe benefits, is that you get to go to the hospital and eat all the Jello you want. JelloCar is a fun little game that takes that concept to the next level: by letting you DRIVE all the Jello you want.

Ok, so maybe that analogy doesn't work. This is still a fun little game though. Basically you are a 2D Jello Car in a 2D Jello World. Everything has Jello like physics and each level is more of a like a puzzle than a race track. Hit the space bar and the car grows by a 1000% -- very useful for cross large pot holes or pushing aside boulders. There are a lot of levels included and you can build your own using the included level editor.

This is, obviously, an independently produced game and the sound shows it. Just picture a 25 year old man standing behind your chair making "vroom!" sounds and you get the basic idea. Still, if this doesn't totally creep you out, the sounds are pretty amusing.

All and all a fun game and a fantastic example of 2D game physics. The game comes in Windows and XBOX 360 versions.

Via (The Night School.)

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