Saturday, September 22, 2007

GNOME 2.20 officially released

The GNOME community announced a new release today after six months of development. GNOME is a desktop environment primarily used on Linux and other open-source platforms. GNOME 2.20 includes numerous improvements and new features that benefit users, administrators, and developers.

GNOME’s image viewer features a significantly improved image collection interface and a new Open With menu. The Nautilus file manager can now display a disk usage pie chart in the filesystem properties dialog. Desktop search integration, which first appeared in Nautilus in GNOME 2.14 and can optionally leverage the Beagle and Tracker indexing systems, has now been added to the GNOME file dialog.

GNOME 2.20 also includes significant improvements to power management. The GNOME Power Manager tracks your power consumption over time in order to provide more accurate estimates of remaining power. Encryption support also gets a boost in GNOME 2.20, with new file encryption utilities that integrate with the GNOME keyring.

Via (Aviran's Place.)

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