Friday, October 26, 2007

GIMP 2.4: First major update in three years

GIMP 2.4
If you've been thinking it's been a while since GIMP 2.2 was released, you're right. It's been three years since the GIMP team has pushed out a major update to the open source Photoshop alternative. This week, GIMP 2.4 was released, with a new icon set, and a whole slew of other features:
  • Redesigned crop, selection, and align tools
  • Scalable bitmap brushes
  • Reorganized menu layout
  • Improved display when zooming in or out
  • Support for more file formats
  • Full support for color profiles
  • Improved printing
  • Auto red eye removal tool
There are a ton of other new features and updates. You can read about them in the release notes.

Via (DownloadSquad.)

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