Saturday, October 27, 2007

YouTube getting a redesign, sunglasses needed

YouTube getting a redesign, sunglasses needed
The YouTube team has a surprise in store, a YouTube redesign is in the works. Please get your sunglasses ready though, it tends to be a little hard on the eyes.

YouTube will incorporate user feedback into the changes throughout the site. That's something that a lot of companies neglect to take into account when undertaking website changes. Over the next few months new additions will be rolled out, and will include improved categories, dropdown menus to get to where you want faster, and a new look and feel for tabs and video browsing pages.

All that new red seems a little too distracting for us, and the dropdowns can be a little distracting, but it does seem quicker to get around the redesign.

A preview of what YouTube will roll out is available live here. What are your thoughts on the redesign?

Via (DownloadSquad.)

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